Monday, December 12, 2011

Secret Society for Creative Philanthropy

The Secret Society for Creative Philanthropy, founded in 2006, is a motley crew of people who—once a year—gather in cities across the nation and tell stories about giving. To be a creative philanthropist, one must simply give (which is a great and you should do this). To be in the Secret Society, one must be gifted $100 by a CP Agent, give that money away in the best and most creative way one sees fit, and convene at the top secret annual meeting to tell one's story of philanthropic adventure. Trust us, it's amazing.
Following in the footsteps of Larry Stewart, some people have formalized the process and found regular comraderie and fun in giving creatively.  Doing sweet things anonymously for your fellow human being now has a name:  creative microphilanthropy.  

The message is simple and universal.  Leave a quarter in the vending machine refund slot.  Tape a dollar to a bag of cranberries in the store with an encouraging message.  Send people anonymous letters thanking them.  You don't have to be rich to make someone's day.  Anyone and everyone can do this.

Official website

San Francisco Gate:  Giving away umbrellas is harder than you would think

New York Times

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