Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Gordon Hirabayashi (1918 - 2012)

This week, we will look at extraordinary people who defy overwhelming forces against all odds.

Gordon Hirabayashi was one of only three Japanese citizens who defied the Japanese internment policies in order to fight the policies in the Supreme Court.  He served a 3 month prison sentence for ignoring curfew for Japanese Americans, and then a year for refusing to be drafted into the armed forces.
“Surprisingly, even though I lost, I did not abandon my beliefs and my values,” he said. “And I never look at my case as just my own, or just as a Japanese-American case. It is an American case, with principles that affect the fundamental human rights of all Americans.”
He passed away this week at age 93.  Thank you for your courage, Dr. Hirabayashi.  Thank you.

New York Times


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